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New Website Coming Soon!

Allan Friedman | Published on 1/3/2023

The club has been very fortunate with


Our most recent web site was developed for us at a very generous discount. The one before it, free from a past President who was an IT guy. 


We had an RFP process to see what it would cost to rebuild it and it ranged from $20K-$40k and would have required a level of volunteer support from the club to manage and relay requirements that we simply do not have any more.


We have decided to move to a club membership management system provided by a third party vendor that has many bicycle and other clubs that it supports.


Details will be forthcoming, but they have

  • an 800 number for support for our Web Admins and our members,
  • they bill us monthly in a model scalable based on the number of members we have,
  • discounted because we are member of League of American Bicyclists and
  • they have customized it to meet our needs.
  • It also will save us money on things like our election system and email system (mailchimp) which are included in what we pay them.
  • And our annual expenses will be less than our best years with our current support structure (a Drupal programmer).


Having said all that - details will be coming soon, things may look and work a bit differently - we will all have to adjust - but overall, it should let us focus on the only three things that REALLY important to this club:

Rides, rides and - more rides!


Thanks for your patience and support.


If you have some free time and an IT background or interest in developing one, please step up and reach out to