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Your Member Profile

Amy Niebel | Published on 9/23/2015

Viewing and Updating Your Personal Page

Did you know that if you have a login, you have a profile page that can be personalized? Well, you do! This allows you to put a face to your name as part of the Friendliest Bike Club online community.

Before I begin to explain how to update your profile, I'd like to point out that different users are able to see different information on your profile. Your privacy is of utmost importance to the Club. For instance, those who aren't logged in and non-members cannot view profiles at all. Logged in current members can view other member profiles, however, they can only see a few details (see below). Only the Web site and Membership administrators have full access because of the tasks they're required to perform.

This is what you see on your profile page. Note the option tabs at the top.


This is what other members see on your profile page. There are a lot fewer fields and there's a Contact tab at top.


To view your profile, simply log in and have a look at the area where entered your log in info. If you click -VIEW MY PROFILE-, you will be taken to your profile page. At the top of that page, there are a few gray tabs where you can click the Edit tab.


Once you're inside your profile edit page, you will see many blank fields. Please fill this out as thoroughly as possible but most importantly, please provide an Emergency Contact person and phone number. Some of these details are used by Club administrators to maintain your account.

Here are some points about your account and profile:

  • Your user name is your first and last name separated by a space
  • You can use your email address that you registered with in place of a user name
  • You can upload a user photo, if you like. It's always nice to see a face with a comment in the user forums
  • If you forget your password, you can always request a password reset link
  • If the email address you initially used is no longer accessible, please email to update with your new one
  • User contact forms allow you to be emailed from other users without compromising your email address since it hides it from the sender (if you wish to opt out of this, email
  • You can contact any other member by clicking the Contact tab at the top of their profile page
  • You can modify your email subscriptions by the tab at the top of your profile page
  • You can view any orders you've placed on the web site store by the tab at the top of your profile page
  • You can view and print your Club ID card with the button at the bottom of your profile page

Hopefully, this has been helpful and you find personalizing your profile an easy task. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or use my personal contact form on my user profile which you can view by clicking on the author link of this article.