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Affiliated Bike Shops - Remember, we have a list of them!

Allan Friedman | Published on 9/3/2015

How YOU can help us list more on! Easy as 1-2-3!

Are you aware that we have a list of affiliated Bike Shops?

You can click on the above link to find it - or look under Community from the main menu of

An affiliated bike shop is one that offers our members some kind of discount on accessories and perhaps other things (it's up to them) but typically this is at least 10% on accessories.

Adding new bike shops to the web site is as easy as 1-2-3: a simple 3 step process YOU can follow with your favorite bike store (or any bike store for that matter). 

Step 1: You as a member solicit/recruit your bike shop to join. Ideally, you ask the owner or someone authorized to offer the discount at the shop, if they would like to be featured on our web site in exchange. You get the basic information required: Name of the shop (the only required field, but hopefully you can also get:), a description of what they want to offer as the benefit (eg. 10% off on accessories), a LINK to their web site if they have one, their address and contact information - eg. e-mail or phone number.

Step 2: 
 Create the entry on the web for the shop. (Here is the link to the entry form). There's a button right there on the top of the affiliated bike shop page as well. Enter the data you were able to gather, click the "save" button at the bottom of the form. And you are done! 

Step 3:
The communications team will received and validate the entry and VOILA / PRESTO , the bike shop will be listed as an affiliate on the web site.


Any questions? Pop an e-mail off to and we'll try to get them answered for you.


If the store is willing to help promote the club on their web site (if they have one, please encourage them to link to, or by having some of our business cards, stickers or mini-posters on display, send a note indicating that to and we'll send some along.


We have a few shops up there - let's recognize the stores that support us by getting them up there!