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Crosswalks are for pedestrians, not bikes.

Shawn Carney | Published on 2/20/2016

Safe Riding Series

Crosswalks are for pedestrians, not bikes. Crosswalks are a space designed for allowing pedestrians to cross an intersection or road safely.

If you and your bike are stopped in the crosswalk, you force pedestrians to move out into potentially unsafe road spaces shared by vehicles. That means your action is unintentionally putting their lives at risk. There's an easy way to solve this: don't stop in crosswalks.

While you're riding, pay attention and scan ahead. If the light is changing, stop before the crosswalk. If someone in front of you stops before the crosswalk for a red light, stop behind them in single file. Respect your fellow cyclists and your fellow pedestrians (because that's what we become when we step off our bikes).

Don't be a jerk. Stop before the crosswalk