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Volunteerism and the 5BBC - A natural fit!

Allan Friedman | Published on 1/31/2020

Consider helping us do more, please :)

Volunteers are the lifeblood of 

  • our club, 
  • most of the bike clubs in our area and around the country, 
  • and in fact - even the mass rides that support the advocacy and education organizations who are our strategic partners.


To deliver the value we do, we need and are grateful for volunteers.


First and foremost, the LEADERS who lead rides in this club are the lifeblood of the club. 

Our #1 objective  in 2019 was, and again in 2020 is, to have a robust portfolio of rides available throughout the year. This only happens with engaged, creative, friendly - leaders. We had a leadership class last year and a pilot program that delivered close to 20 new leaders who are actively leading. We are working on a re-vamp of our AWARDS program to recognize our leaders and motivate and recognize for each set of rides. Watch for more on this after our first council meeting next week. Also, if you want to be a leader, we will be running another traditional class in spring/summer of 2020, reach out to Ed Sobin and/or Chris De Meo for details and to be added to the list of candidates for the class. 


Second - the MEMBERS in this club are also the lifeblood of this club. Without members to ride, leaders ride alone and that’s no fun. 


Our #2 objective in 2019 was, and again in 2020 is, to grow our membership and deliver more value back to them in terms of rides, and events like socials, classes and other events that give back in ways that let us build on the “social cycling” we do in this club. If you have ideas for things the club could be doing to attract new members and do more for our existing members - please e-mail your ideas to 


Finally - the BOARD and COUNCIL of this club manage it and "make things happen”.


Our #3 objective in 2019 was, and again in 2020 is, to create greater depth at each position on the board (we now have two people covering each role, so no one person has to shoulder all the work) and to develop more of our LEADERS and MEMBERS to be candidates to serve on the council and board in the future. To that end, if any of you reading this want to get more involved - please reach out - you are WELCOME! As long as you bring a positive, friendly, can do attitude - we need you! Please e-mail if you'd like to get involved.


One of the things we did in 2019, that we plan to continue forward, is move most of the work OUT of the board and council and into “ad hoc” committees that meet with a focus on getting things done. The pilot program was developed this way. The holiday party was run this way. The mechanics classes and socials were run this way. If you have an idea, put a team together, bring it to the board for approval and any budget you may need, and then be empowered to go off and make it happen. We plan to continue and expand on that in 2020.


We are looking for Volunteer Coordinator to join the 5BBC council -  Toby Weiner has stepped up to be interim Volunteer Coordinator for the club. Please join me in thankinging her.


We need help organizing club socials, classes, events and promoting the club at our partner rides and events as well. So, Toby’s job is to get to know who out there is willing to help for what and engage you to make that happen. We are looking for one or two people to take on the role from Toby. It's a great way to get to know people in the club and help give back.


That’s all for now folks - but we will have more to say about Volunteerism in a future article - watch this space as the council will be discussing a really creative way to recognize those members who step up and make more happen in the club and for the cycling community of which we are apart. New York's Friendliest bike club is full of volunteers!


Thanks for your support,