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TABX 5BBC Members Volunteer for Boogie on the Boulevard 2016

Susan Brenner | Published on 4/27/2016

Daniel Ranells Director of MIS at Bronx Science by day, Chair of Transportation Alternatives Bronx Activist Committee and Susan Brenner Overnight Operations Manager at Citibike, member Leader council at TABX and both active 5BBC members volunteer for Boogie on the Boulevard 2016.

Daniel who has been Chair of the TA Bronx committee for the past two years said he started bicycling for exercise about 6 years ago. After working my way out from the greenways, to the bike lanes and streets in the Bronx, serendipity connected me with the TA Bronx committee for the 125th Anniversary of the Bronx Parks - we had to hold two rides to cover the parks in the Bronx. This was a great way to ride my bike more and learn more about The Bronx.

As part of the committee I learned about the projects and successes in the Bronx, as well as how an idea becomes paint on the ground. The greenways and bike lanes that I had been using were thought up by Bronx residents, advocated and campaigned for, and implemented. While there is a great, very green, greenway system in the Bronx, there's still more work to be done to make The Bronx safer for people and people on bikes. 


Susan who started cycling in Manhattan about 8 years ago moved to the Bronx 3 years ago and fell in love immediately with its greenways and parks, but realized much work needed to be done to improve pedestrian and cycling safety and infrastructure in the Bronx. She joined the TABX committee last year and enjoys planning social rides and working with fellow activists and considers working, planning and leading last year’s Tour de Bronx 2015 one of her fondest cycling events that she participated in.


Some recent news for the Bronx:

- Bronx River Greenway - TWO new bridges have been funded and will allow the greenway to continue through Starlight Park and connect to Concrete Plant Park without using the service road!

- South Bronx Greenway - Provide safe routes going East/West in the south of The Bronx. 

- Shoelace Park - The greenway and facilities will be renovated. 

- Harlem River Bridges - DOT has done 3 rounds of workshops and will work on improving the many bridge connections between Manhattan and the Bronx 

- Bus stops under elevated trains are getting extended curbs so people don't have to wait in traffic. 

- The Putnam Trail - TA Bronx and other organizations have advocated for a multi-use trail to connect the Bronx to the South County trail. It has received strong support from the local community boards. 

- TA Bronx has signed up over 35 Bike-Friendly-Businesses in Little Italy and we're waiting on more bike racks. Stop by and have some amazing Italian food. 

- The High Bridge - Connects to bike routes in The Bronx and Manhattan, and it's also worth just going to the pedestrian/bicycle only bridge. 

- The Randall's Island Connector - No more Tri-Boro bridge, at least for the Bronx connection! Cross to The Bronx at grade and without changing gears!


Upcoming Events you can volunteer for or join in the Bronx: 


Boogie on the Boulevard - Sundays, May 29, June 26, July 31, and August 28, 2016 - Noon till 4pm

Boogie up the Bronx River - Probably Saturday, August 27th, will be cross-listed with 5BBC

Tour de Bronx - End of October. Free tour, tell everyone, and volunteer as a marshal. 

Grand Concourse Action Rides - We do a loop of the Grand Concourse the first Friday of every month as part of our Complete the Concourse campaign.

TA Bronx Social Rides - Every month we have a social ride, all riders are welcome, we ride and then we eat!

TA Bronx Monthly Meetings - We meet at the Bronx Museum on the third Wednesday of the month. 


We are also excited to be doing an event with activists from Queens TA and fellow 5BBC member Bob Moleti for next month’s social ride on May 22nd to highlight both similar campaigns for Queens Boulevard and The Grand Concourse! Be sure to join us!


Working with Rich Gans founding member at TABX and Tour De Bronx and others who have advocated for safer streets and a bicycle network, is inspiring, and also taught us that you have to push for a better future, all of us. Check out your local TA committee at